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Dogs on Dartmoor Blogs

I am Moss, a German Wirehaired Pointer and I live on Dartmoor and, let me tell you, it is a great place to be a dog! Not only are there zillions of great places to walk, rivers to jump in and rocky bits to climb, it’s also a really dog friendly place. Pretty much everywhere I go I am welcomed. Pubs and Hotels give me dog biscuits and when I go to events I get to meet lots of my doggy friends. If your people are looking for a place to take you on holiday, Dartmoor is a fab choice.

Do read about my adventures on Dartmoor below

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If you are looking for dog-friendly accommodation for your adventure on Dartmoor take a look at our dog-friendly page

Moss goes up the Beacon!
It's National Dog Day, here are some of my favourite doggy places on Dartmoor
Cool canines!
Moss's favourite walk - Mardon Down - walk of stunning views and ancient history
Moss stays overnight at The Two Bridges Hotel
Moss has afternoon tea at Hotel Endsleigh
Moss's walk in dog friendly Parke, the National Trust Estate
Moss's adventures at the Chagford Show
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