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Bearslake Inn

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The Bearslake Inn , Devon hospitality as it should be.


It's not often you find a thached pub these days that hasn't been gutted and enhanced with so called
corporate design. Each room conforming to the brand image conjured up by a whizz kid or overzealous
early retired matron who couldn't recognise genuine hospitality if it was presented to her on a non matching,
definitely non patterned white plate. I loathe staying overnight in a room that's identical to my neighbour's.
Count me out when it comes to Premier Inns or their ilk. Why come to Devon if you are staying in a room
that's replicated the length and breadth of Britain when there are some brilliant pubs here that truly
stand head and shoulders above such symetrical bedrooms with the same nasty 100% acrylic bed throws. 

The Bearslake Inn at Sourton between Okehampton and Tavistock on the A386 is not like that at all. This is Cider
Press, the first bedroom that Christine the owner showed me into. At the front of the building, it overlooks the
 car park but with stout walls like these and efficient double glazing, you won't be overly bothered by the traffic.

Here's the bathroom. Shiny clean, nice and warm. Bathmat and towels aplenty.

Next up comes the Longhouse Suite, so called because it is in the main part of this building that is a genuine
Devon Longhouse dating back to the 16th century. The low windows look out to the front and back.

At the foot of the king size bed is a door leading into an under the eaves bedroom with 2 single beds.

Just what's wanted for a family of four. Our American cousins would love this. Comes with a shower/bath.

Up a short flight of steps from the garden, this suite is even more spacious. Plenty of lounging area for a party
 of 4. The step down at the back of this shot goes into this bedroom (see below) where the bathroom is.

Together they are called the Saddle Room Suite.  A nice light space with the bathroom door
here in this shot. With a warm bathroom offering a bath and separate shower.

bearslake-daffodils.jpg bearslake-tea-tray.jpg
The door on the left is to the Roost, and the door on the right is to the Saddle Room Suite. All rooms have a
drinks tray with kettle and bottled water. Regular followers of my blog will know that I don't rate bottled water.

I especially like this large room called the Roost.  I'm sitting on a single bed to take the photo.
A large and very spacious bedroom with plenty of space to relax. The pretty garden is through the open door
 to the left of the shot, where you might like to sit outside at one of the quiet garden tables on sunny afternoons.

This charming room is on the ground level and accessed from the garden (few steps) The view is out
over the garden and up to the stunning Dartmoor hills beyond.  It's called the Garden Room.

This is the Hayloft and it's Christine's choice - and it would be mine for newlyweds on honeymoon.
The far end of the room is given over to a cosy seating area in front of the tv and a good view
with French doors with Juliette balcony that looks out and up to the higher Moorland hills.
Click below onto their website to see the view from this room in the opening scrolling shots.

Honeymooners would also enjoy the large warm en-suite shower room. Classy

bearslake-barmaid.jpg  bearslake-leaflets.jpg
Meet Jess one of the barmaids. Local ales are on tap, the bar is very well stocked with a goodly
selection of spirits and there is a good range of wine for your evening meal in the restaurant.
Do click here to read my Bearslake food review.

Reader, I think you can tell that I like it.  The only comment that I feel I should make is that if you are
a naturally clumsy type, the beams in a couple of the rooms might well become head bangers,
so if that's you, then play safe and choose the Garden Room or Hayloft, and let the great
atmosphere of the place be the only thing that knocks you out.   You'll love it.  Jill

Take a look at the Bearslake Inn website