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Bearslake Inn

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The Bearslake Inn - better than a bike ride


bearslake-inn-pubsign.jpg  bearslake-inn-pubsign-bar-menu.jpg   
Apologies for not adding a good picture of the Inn, I have a beauty somewhere.... Will find it soon or go back to take another. 

All this Olympian fervour in the velodrome prompted us to think about a beneficial bike ride. So Rob got
 the bikes down from the sky hooks in the garage, fitted the bike rack to the car and we set off for the Granite
 Way cycle path route 27  that runs from Okehampton. The sun was shining as we left home a few spots of rain
fell at Whiddon Down, by the outskirts of Okehampton it was real rain, and as we approached our goal 
of Sourton we were in full flash flood conditions.  So the couple of apples and flasks of juice stayed in 
the car and we made a wise descision to visit the Bearslake Inn for lunch instead. It's some time since 
our last visit, but hey it's an 800 year old building. Not much will have changed will it ? 

bearslake-inn-rob-in-dining-room.jpg bearslake-inn-dovecote.jpg
The good news is that they now offer a bar menu in the evening, as well as their excellent restaurant fare.
Outside, the sign tells of a new bar menu. It seems to be working, because inside the smaller rooms at
the front of the house are stuffed with tables of happy eaters. The only likely spot for us to settle is a small
table with no natural light, so I catch the waitress's eye and ask if we could possibly sit in the empty 
restaurant at the rear, by one of the windows please, as I want to take some photos? "Oh , you'd better
ask at the bar"  The lady at the bar quizzes me. "Yes but what's it for?" I mention that I want
to take pictures and before I know it the cat's out of the bag. She's pleased, she doesn't mind at all.
I don't blame her for checking me out. The bar is packed with punters, the chap behind the bar is doing
stirling work of making up orders and dodging the tv screen as viewers watch the Games and Christine
who turns out to be the owner, can well do without the stress of a photographer sitting where she doesn't 
belong. It's still raining heavily outside, and the sad little dove in the dovecote outside keeps his head down.

bearslake-inn-crab-salad.jpg bearslake-inn-beefburger.jpg

With time getting on, we quickly make our order choices. A crab salad for me and home made beefburger 
for Rob. That glisten on my plate is not water, just the right amount of oil in the dressing.
Colourful and as tasty as it looks. Rob raves about the beefburger, and all is well. 


Apologies to Christine for showing this creased menu, she did offer to get me a better copy. I told her
that I was only taking a pic as a notepad, but this is a good way of showing you what's on offer.
This above is about half the menu and there's another one showing sandwiches (£5.50 to £7) and baguettes
from £6.50 to the Ploughman's Platter: Devon blue, Brie & North Devon Cheddar plus baguette at £9.50.

We didn't need puddings but here they are. Mine was the Chocolate and Caramel Tart £5.50
and Rob's the Strawberry Cheesecake £5.50. Cheeseboard for one is £4.95 and £7.95 for 2 people. 

bearslake-inn-pudding-board.jpg bearslake-inn-rob-pudding.jpg
Just look at that boy's face ! And annoyingly, he is a slim today as when we got married almost 40 years ago.

Christine pays us a visit now and again to make sure that we were happy. We watched out of the window 
as she showed newly arrived accommodation guests into what looks to be the Garden Room. She clearly
knows her job. It's smiles all round. And when she reappears some 10 minutes later she tells us that a group
of cyclists have just come in out of the rain, soaked to the skin and fed up. No matter, she has put a match to 
the fire, to warm them up, and hopefully all the chairs that they have sat on should dry out by the time they open
again later. Rob nips into the bar to pay the bill and comes back with damp pants. He sat down too soon !
It's gone 3 by the time I take this photo of 2 of the cyclists at the bar. Most lunch guests have long gone.

bearslake-inn-dove.jpg  bearslake-inn-christine.jpg
Hey, look, it's good news. The rain has stopped and the dove is making a plan. We say goodbye and thank you.
Christine accompanies us to the door (sees us off the premises - don't blame her) She asks me to let her 
have details of how to be listed on my website. I'm picky about who comes on board. But in this case
it won't be a problem. She knows that we were planning to go onto route 27 with the bikes, and she knew
that we had plans to go and park close to Sourton Church, and as we walked over to the car she suggested
we leave the car in place on the car park rather than move it the half mile up the road.  I love thoughtful folk! 


I'm sure we will see more of the Bearslake Inn. Click here to visit their website.

Our bill came to £39.05 including 4 drinks.