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Chagford Swimming Pool

Chagford Swimming Pool is an open air, river fed public pool. The temperature of the water is maintained with solar pool covers. 

The water is filtered and a minimal amount of chlorine is added to keep us all healthy and safe. 

Solar covers are rolled out each evening to maintain the temperature. Assuming the weather is reasonable, the pool heats each morning through the covers, often by a degree or two in a day, raising the temperature from the chilly 16C of the river to 25C if the weather is consistently good. This is one of the reasons the pool is closed in the mornings.

There is also a very popular toddler pool, complete with toy boats and watering cans.

There's a grassy area for sunbathing at one end, chairs and tables at the other and wooden decking along each side.

With refreshments available from the tea shed, it really is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon!

Chagford Swimming Pool
TQ13 8DA