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Dartmoor's Daughter

Dartmoor’s Daughter creates walks and nature connection experiences to improve physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental acuity. We work with a range of different experts to offer guided walks and activities for adults, families, and children that include Navigation training; Nature Trails; Letterboxing; Painting & Sketching; Dowsing for Earth Energies; Wild Foods & Foraging; Mindfulness; Tracking, Astronomy evenings; Flora & Fauna; History & Archaeology; Ceremony and many more. Private guided walks, facilitated outdoor activities, and team days for groups, birthday events are also available. Anyone who joins our walks and events report a greater sense of wellbeing as well enjoyment, fun and learning. 

Emma Cunis

Emma’s maternal family has lived near and loved Dartmoor for generations. Her grandmother introduced her first husband Eric Hemery to Dartmoor in the 1950s where he set up and offered guided walks and pony treks then wrote a series of well regarded books including ‘High Dartmoor’ described as 'the bible for anyone who has the spirit of Dartmoor'.

Emma is a qualified Hill & Moorland Leader with the accompanying Outdoor First Aid certificate and she is a Member of Moorland Guides. Emma is also an inspiring teacher, speaker, counsellor and practitioner of macrobiotics, a holistic system of self-healthcare and personal development. She teaches at the International Macrobiotic School (IMS) near Totnes in Devon as well as running her own Health & Life Coaching business - Be In Your Element. Her previous 20 years corporate career spanning Europe, America and Asia, ensures a professionalism in managing and facilitating different client groups and cultures as well as significant experience in organising events, leading teams, and presentation skills.

“Being in nature relaxes my body and mind. Daily stresses melt away and my senses come alive as I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and wind in my hair, the springy moss grasses under my feet, and hear the song of the skylark high above me. Dropping into the present moment fills me with a deep appreciation of this wild and ancient landscape, and the joy and abundance of life.”

— Emma Cunis, Founder of Dartmoor's Daughter


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